About Absolute Horror

We are two horror movie enthusiasts who one day realized how much more we enjoy bad horror movies than almost any other genre. There is a unique pleasure in watching the awfulness found in bad horror movies that cannot be found in other films. After all, a bad drama is just a bad drama, a bad comedy is no fun at all - but a bad horror movie is almost always entertaining.

Having said that, some bad horror films are "better" than others, so we took it upon ourselves to watch as many as possible and review them. We can't be the only ones, after all, to enjoy watching this straight-to-video drech.

Our reviews don't approach these films from an absolute merit standpoint, yet use our own unique criteria: Was it fun? Is there enough sex and violence? Just how bad are the special effects and the acting? Is it worth wasting the hours of your life as we've wasted ours? We'll let you know.

Our goal is to post a new review every single weekday. There is no lack of bad horror out there, so don't worry about us running out. However, if you'd like to help us, let us know and we'll invite you to post your own reviews. If you have feedback, thoughts or flames, please comment on the reviews. Be sure to check back often, as we'll be expanding this into a community/blog for all bad horror enthusiasts, with all sorts of discussions and threads.

In the meantime, enjoy the site!