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August 24, 2005



Does anyone else notice how completely homoerotic this film is? and that it has many references to homosexuality? and am I alone in thinking that mysterious aunt is a man playing a woman?

I saw this film when I was six and it stuck in my mind all this time. The creepiest, brain warping ending ever. When I went back and looked at it a couple of years ago, I couldn't believe all the gay elbowing. I'd love to know if anyone else agrees...


You're absolutely right. Especially all the visions of Angela's dad with another guy (I think that was her dad, right?). I'm guessing the point was to contribute to her totally confused sense of sexuality, which the twist ending more than confirmed.

I think we here at the site should try to track down the writer and see what he has to say for himself on the topic. What do you think, Tracy?

Also, check out 2 or 3, much less disturbing, but very entertaining.


One of my all-time favorite parts about this movie is the police officer who appears in a few scenes (I actually think it is only 2 scenes). We first see him when the first murder occurs and Mel attempts to smooth things over. At this appearance, he has a nicely groomed full mustace. Later in the film when the same officer is combing the grounds of the camp searching for the killer, we get a glorious close-up of his face which clearly shows a painted-on mustache. It isn't even a fake mustache, just drawn on. If you haven't noticed it, take another look. It is beautiful.
And the Aunt. The aunt is amazing.

Opening Kill

Nicely done, Paul. This film series has a HUGE following. Apparently, it opened to a larger per screen average than Yentl in New York. Check out this website devoted to the series:


It was the cheesy VHS box that won me over too! My two other favorite trilogies: Shark Attack (special emphasis on Shark Attack 3: Megaladon) and Night of the Demons.

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