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October 13, 2005


Opening Kill

A young 15 year old Colombian boy finds a soccer ball in the woods that makes him play at a professional level, but it also turns him into an evil, vindictive person. The ball was owned by a famous soccer player who was killed following a loss in the World Cup.

jaymz gould

for the last crow film have eliza dushku as the role of sarah from the first film as the crow


a man walks into a house to purchase something illegal from a woman, money is exchanged and the woman disapeers down a hallway to get it, 10 minutes of silent waiting insues, the man goes to investigate and finds the woman brutally murdered


Will, I really like this should flesh it out more. What was he buying? Where does it go from there?


Teens have a party and watch Friday the 13th, Pt. 2. But one teen likes it so much, he finds a Jason-hockey mask, puts it on, and tries to kill the rest of the teens, just like Jason Vorhees.

horror nerd

A group of adults and teenagers,hold up in a reguler house must survive through a zombie epidemic.One of the survivers only lived becuase of his love of zombie films and he owns a zombie suvivel guide and with the help of that book the group must find a safer place to stay and live through this.


Three psychopaths go into a small town in New Jersey that seems to have a fixation with horror movies. When they start trying to kill people, the entire town fights back, and the psychopaths must fight to survive and escape the town with their lives. Many gruesome deaths occur, including one of the psychos being disemboweled by a hedgetrimmer-wielding cheerleader.


A expeditionist comes across an uncharted ,desert island hundreds miles off the coast of main.builds a zoo/themepark unknowingly not so uninhabited he comes across a clan of voodoo priests and preiestess who in exchange for what he had destroyed won't allow him to leave without meeting hell first


As a young boy, Joshua was always afraid of the dark. What made things worse was that he saw a shadow in the corner of his room almost every night. Years past and he now lives in his own apartment. Everyday passes by peacefully, until one night. Joshua gets home from a trip and realizes that his bedroom window is open. He closes it and in the reflection of the glass, he sees a man's shadow in the corner of his room. Afraid and confused he approaches the dark figure and finds a man, half crouched and scared. Joshua asks the man "what are you doing here" and get no reply from the man. Joshua then tries to help the man up and grabs his arm. The man screams "Stop! Go away!" The man gets up and jumps into the bed. Joshua then realizes that the shadow that he saw when he was younger was actually a little boy crouched in the corner afraid of the dark shadow living in his room. THE END.

A husband and his pregent wife drive home late one humid summer night on a scenic wooded road that runs along side a mountain. A black dog emerges through a thick fog and the husband runs the car off the road into a tree. From the woods comes a man/monster and grabs the wife and drags her into the woods and up the mountain while the husband is knocked out. After weeks of searching the forest, police only turn up the wifes baby (now born) and spot the black dog. Many years past and the baby (Now an 18 year old boy) wants to revisit the same forest/mountain his mother disappeared in before he goes to college.


Put it this way, my sister and I have a knack for horror, my ideas u want em come and get em... we need a classic horror movie dont we? hmm it has been a while hasn't it.. I am SOO sick and tired of ideas "copying" ideas that have been done to show us something we have all seen before.. The things that take our breathe away are the things we have never seen anywhere or done before, its how your famous Steven Spielberg does it almost everytime.. i aint no writer but my ideas are most definetly original.. I am an Artist in the composing section of music, I have worked on horror music before and nothing, I repeat nothing is more scary than silence... to be honest silence is my secret weapon... wanna find out why it is? pfft if I had the money to make a horror film, id be fucken rich.. Oh please listen to my ideas please..hehe seriously hey I got some good ideas and its entirely upto you.. whoever reads this you have from 17/07/06 to 27/07/06 to respond or i'm gone forever :P

- Errin



A Guy goes to work on his night shift and along the way he feels as though he was being followed (driving).. he (lets call him Frank) gets to work and everything is fine, everyone is working away (in lets say a building with computers and office people) then next minute an earthquake like sensation happens, the power goes out and all u can hear is screaming which slowly begins to tone down to silence... Frank then wakes up after being knocked out for quite a while he notices knowone is around, but thats not the strange part, strangely everything around him looks old, dusty like it hadnt been used in years, the building he works in has cobwebs, computers are all dusty and very used looking, he even looks out the window and the lake he usually sees from his view is empty, completely dried up.. Everything is the same as before except its like everyone dissapeared 100 years ago and he went into the future hmm...
Im sure we could make something scary out of that, I know I have mwa hahahaha
Thats juzt a taste for u guys if u want to see any potential from this perhaps we should all work together and create a movie between ourselves who knows..

OK ONE MORE SCENE BUT I LIKE MY FIRST ONE BETTER... a few people are eating in the diner, everything is peaceful, quiet, plates clankin away people talkin u know the usual, then all of a sudden everyone starts freaken out like they are being burned and choked, don't know what is happening to them.. next minute it goes away and everything is normal, but when u think that it is, a woman is standing over at someone that was eating just glaring and starts stabbing them with her falk out of knowhere with no concern (posessed maybe) everyone turns against each other for reasons beyond..

Hope you enjoyed
- Errin


Ok here is my abover in quick detail......

Everyone dissapears (except for the main character) and he shoots off into the future 100 years, everything remains exactly the same as to when the people dissapeared, but why???

- Errin


There is no paging implemented for this post. All messages will display below each other. SO KEEP IT SHORT PEOPLE!!!


A young man is having $#% with his girl in his apartment, then suddenly she turns into a hairy beastlike demon from hell, snips off his p#^|$ and uses it as a food/energy source in order to stay alive in human world. She then transforms back into a young woman and leaves the apartment insearch of some more, er, food.

Zero Cool

a jerks of so much that he becomes a super hero called (boner boy) who will stop at nothing until every sex rape crime is put to stop


Errin, hope i'm not too late. I'm at University studying Media Production and my specialty is horror... probz like most people here. I agree Horrors have just become copies and we need original ideas. I see potential in your ideas, if you would like help to develop them into a treatment or script then leave a post.



A disfigured man is sitting on a bus, he clutches his shoulders as if to block everyone out... his eyes are shut and he is breathing heavily.
He hears two girls chatting and giggling, after a while he opens his eyes and looks at the pair, they stop talking and try not to stare, as this happens there thought are heard out loud.
As these thought are heard they appear to hit him physically. With this strange action others on the bus take notice and their individual thoughts are heard by the man and he recoils in fear.
A woman sitting near him tries to consol him and find out what the matter is. As she lays her hand on him he pushes her back and she falls, cracking her head against the glass window, a smear of blood is left as she falls to the floor. One of the girls shouts "He killed her!"
He frantically clambers to his feet and runs to the front of the bus shouting open the doors; stop the bus, in a coarse, slurred speech, whilst banging on the drivers window. A large man tries to restrain him but does not succeed, as the disfigured man pulls out a rusty blade and jabs it into his fore arm. The large man screams in agony, releasing the other from his grip.
The rest of the passengers retreat to the back of the bus to distance themselves from the 'mad man’.
The bus comes to a halt and the door opens. The disfigured man staggers into the night as the camera zooms out to an aerial shot to show the bus at a slant across the road with a thick wooded area on one side.


A brother & sister are traveling home from college in the city to their parents home out in the countryside. A road is closed due to a mass-murder that took place in an old run-down factory the night before. They take the road, not listning to the warnings on the car radio. When they arrive, they find helpless survivors chained up in a locked-up container. When they try to leave, they discover they are locked inside & can't get out. Then the killer finds them, & haunting them down to their bloody death! THE END


A group of teenagers are held in a school on a rainy night for detention but the teacher leaves the room to get a cup of cofee. When the teenagers realise it is time to leave the door closes and locks. the lights flicker off and back on and one of them has a nail through his head


A person , jake, wakes up in an abandoned old factory and it is pitch black. He searches the room and finds a flashlight, then goes to the next room and sees a man in the corner. The man says "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! STAY AWAY!" and then gets up and says "i and the only surviver..." then jake says "what happened?" "a man named gregory harnn owns this place and makes tests on people. one went wrong and the testing rooms blew up! my name is Jonathan McArth" they go into the next room and hear footsteps comming close to them and they see a gun on the floor. Jonathan picks it up and they hear the footsteps closer. the footsteps come up behind they and they black out. when they wake up they are in a testing lab with paper shreds everywhere. they pick up the shreds and it was a note. it said
" Dear Mr.McArth

My testing has gone wrong. The scientists have all died so I need you to give me a loan of $100,000 to repay for a lab. Thank you and I will give you luck in your killings."

From Gregory Harnn


Hey, harvey666, I'm interested in modifying your idea (the disfigured man on a bus) for a television production project at my high school, I've already emailed you, and It would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me back as soon as possible.

Thank You.


People if your going to make a really good horror film that can turn into a classic, you have to attack people's securities. Killing someone in a dark ally isn't a great horror film. A serial killer in a small town of 5,000 that kidnaps entire families, and makes the parents watch as SHE tortures and kills the kids could be great...escpecially if the killer is a woman that everyone knows like a teacher or someone really close to the community.
If you take a look at the first Halloween, you notice that it starts getting scary with the two girls walking down a sidewalk - What's around those bushes?
Friday the 13th - summer camp can be one of your fondest memories as a kid.
Get my point?


Hey. I'm doing a project and need a horror film idea. It needs to revolve around a group of teenagers, who all but a few get killed off in gruesome ways. In the end the "girl" triumphs. I know it sounds cliche, but that's the point! I just needs a basic concept for it to revolve around. A catchy title maybe? Any ideas??


A Family decides to go on a vacation to hawaii but the Mom finds out she has very important work to do, so the dad and son go and she stays. A few days past and she gets a phone call from an anonymous caller who asks for car help and says he is the new neighbor. He seems very suspicious. Later she gets another anonymous call. noone is there, there is just breathing. Then she hears something in the basement. She goes down and finds a man with a black ski mask and a knife. he chases her all the way across the street to her friends house. Then the killer murders her friend but the girl gets away. She runs to an old meat factory. he chases her through it. She locks him in a freezer and she thinks its all over and he will freeze to death but a few days later she gets a phone call from the same anonymous caller. now he sounds really mad. She traces the call and it turns out that the killer is her husband......

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