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November 06, 2005



How did you guys get a hold of this episode? I thought only episode's 1 and 2 have been released so far and this is episode 4.

Opening Kill

Whoops, you are right! I think Showtime mistakenly released it on the ONDEMAND channel in Manhattan. Oh well, consider it your world premiere! We at aim to please.


Was Jenifer really a demon? To me, she looked like a REALLY mentally ill person with an iron deficiency.

With eraser-point breasts.


Predictable ending? Ha! After the opening scene, I paused it and correctly predicted the ending. I had to google the actress -- those lips were too real looking. Luckily KNB just did a bang-up job again!


well, what I cant see is why they blame jenifer. Have you noticed that he doesn't feed her at all through out the movie lol, The chick is hungry, ofcourse she's going to eat people. She is hot though


I liked this episode, but I liked the original story in Creepy back in 1974. It was one of the most graphic comic stories I had ever read at that point. It is pretty tame by today's standards, but it had a big impact on my 11 year old mind at the time.


what is this movie rated? is it any good??


I have a DVD copy of Jenifer.The make-up effects on her face will certainly make some heads turn away from the TV screen. The guy is a policeman and had a beautiful wife, so I found it impossible to keep Jeniffer even though she had eaten their cat, the little girl and so on.
The ending was indeed predictable.
How many Masters of Horrors are out there? I've got 6 now.

George Clint

If you think Jenifer is hot you're retarded and you have absolutely no standards what so ever and will probably find somebody in your life like her because you're all sick fucks. I would definetly not be fucking her, the whole killing people thing is a huge turn off... and her face... seriously people!


I just saw this episode on Chiller. I thought it was stupid. She never should have come in the house. When she killed the cat - that was it right there!!! He should have just abandoned her. Her body wasn't that great to tolerate the loss of my family, the killing of my cat and other misc people, me losing my job and ultimately my life. Sorry, guys - but no one is worth that level of headache. I won't even tolerate being ignored - let alone my entire life being turned upside down for someone else. I don't know - just call me selfish. > :-)< He was a jerk to put her over his family. What an idiot!!! She didn't do anything but ruin his life. Unfortunately, the man who found her at the end will go through the same cycle. How sad - just shows how weak some men are.


I think you guys missed something they showed a couple times to pass off as a possible reason for his infatuation with Jenifer. The scratch on his hand. I at least viewed that as some sort of infection that makes him attach to her.

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