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December 05, 2005



I agree, but disagree. It was a lame episode. But I have no problem with horror taking on political issues. I also have no problem with being pissed off about the Iraq War.

The problem of this episode wasn't the political stuff, it was the lack of good horror. It kept cutting away before we could see gore? What was the point? The zombies should have come back and ripped the heads off of the neo-con Republicans, but instead they just voted and died. That was lame.

Still, there is a place for political commentary in horror.

Opening Kill

I think a horror film talking about politics needs to be held to a high bar and should be more thought-provoking. Think of it as the difference between the Geena Davis president television show and The West Wing. One is clearly dumbed down and doesn't know what it's talking about, while the other is well researched and a smart show. This movie dealt with current issues the way that the Geena Davis show does. Plus, it lacked almost all of the crucial elements for a good horror movie.


Semi-offtopic comment. I just watched Masters of Horror #4 and #5. Jennifer was much better than I expected, I had that sick feeling while watching portions of this episode. Episode 5 aka Chocolate was very dissapointing. It was quite boring all the way and I expected it to have a strong ending, but it was rather plain...


"The zombies should have come back and ripped the heads off of the neo-con Republicans, but instead they just voted and died. That was lame."

Can't you Liberals say ANYTHING without HATEING people who have oppinions that are diffrent from your's? Where's that "tolerance and diversity" stuff you people supposedly love?

PS: "Ghost Votes" are illegal.

Feo Amante

HA! Ken H.! asking a liberal for "tolerance and diversity"! You make me laugh! You might as well ask a liberal to respect free speech. Good one.


Why do you say jenifer and Fair Hair Child suck???

Homecoming is CLEARLY the worst episode: a retarded zombie movie for the mentally-challenged liberals.(a.k.a "all of them)
War is what the right wing loves, right? so I'm guessing the 130 million people communism killed is a mistake ¬¬
Also they mixed kinky sex and blue words with conservativism, which is practically the opposite (too much sexual restrictions). And yeahhh, if I'm a soldier fighting for my country and my enemy kills me...I took revenge against the country I sweared to protect. Blehhh

This episode is as retarded as the zombie voters.

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