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December 17, 2005


Bob Martin

Iwatched " la fin absolute du monde " last night and today found this web site. my wife and i have been horror movie fans forever, so i will be a frequent visitor. Bob Martin


Nice little review here! I'm a big fan of Carpenter and I recently picked up "In the Mouth of Madness" and even though it seems both that and "Cigarette Burns" films are cut from the same cloth, I still really want to see the master get back to work! I'l be visiting this site more regularly. If you want to check out my blog site also, it's, not that it's necessarily horror related but I think it's pretty funny and horrific in some spots.

Martin Wagner

Interesting review. I've done an analysis of Masters of Horror, with a focus on Jenifer and Cigarette Burns, here, and why I was disappointed with both.


This episode was stunningly awesome. This is the best horror ive seen since..4th grade! So, its been 3-4 years since ive seen a good horror film. (Well...its not really a film but yeah..)


Hey my name is Tom and I am from England. I just watched Cigarette Burns and found it to be very intense. I particularily admired the eerie angel with his wings removed. I thought it was very atmospheric.


Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by. It was indeed very intense - much more so than a lot of horror we see today. It didn't rely on "boo" scares, but on creating a dark and intense atmosphere and then taking the violence to the next level. Unusual, really, because Carpenter is normally not the goriest guy in the biz.

Lucas Ramiro

desde Argentina, hemos visto la pelíkula en el festival de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires, me pareció de las mejores ke vi.
Exelente historia, perfektamente kontada i mui bien desarrollada.

Un film imposible de perderse!!!

saludos y gracias por el espacio!
L. R. A.


I was just wondering :)
does this film exist in real world??
:La Fin Absolute Du Monde:

If it does... hmm where can i find any info about it :)
mail me plz if You know anything


tengo una pregunta la palicula si existe o es pura ficcion me interesaria saber para obtener una copia


Noizo, sadly it is purely a fictional film and does not exist in reality.


John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns inspired me to make an experimental short film. I studied different techniques of influencing the human mind and attempted to implement them into a story. Art can be presented in the form of a product, or it can be used as a tool to promote different products, people, and ideas. Art can be seen as a tool for manipulation of the mind, the same way a scalpel is a tool for manipulation of the flesh.

You can watch my short film on YouTube:

or in case you prefer Vimeo:

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It was indeed very intense - much more so than a lot of horror we see today. It didn't rely on "boo" scares, but on creating a dark and intense atmosphere and then taking the violence to the next level.

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Movies Reviewed

Strangely my comment disappeared. As I said before I found this episode disturbing even more than typical torture porn

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