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December 02, 2005



Oooh, I need to get a hold of this. I liked Carpenter's vampires, because I am a JC buff, but I know that this will be pure crap, and It is cool to watch crap from time to time... Wasn't there a Vampires sequel a couple of years ago? Am I going mental, or the sequel was some poor knockoff with crappy finale? Btw, I usually dislike vampire movies, ever since I had high hopes for some Rollin's flicks (shivers of the vampires and lips of blood). Well maybe Rollin isn't the biggest problem I have with Vampires, but overall vampire movies are boring. We have the count, the savior, couple fo cool chicks, van helsing or his grand-grand-grand father (Dracula 3000 anyone? capser van dien? coolio?!) ... Ok I need to get some sleep, it was a busy day, thanks for the "tip" on this movie..


Worse than Vampires: Los Muertos? That was really a senseless bomb.


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Patricia J Jones

OK, so this is a very old post by now and obviously the Vampire Movie landscape has changed a lot since 2005. Worst vampire film now: From what I can gather everyone's pretty torn between Twilight and Lesbian Vampire Killers. Best vampire film now: Again people seem to be torn, Twilight or Inteview With A Vampire. For my money though, 2010's cult Brit-Hit The Vampires of Bloody Island should be top of everyone's viewing or DVD shopping list! Google it!!


yeah vampires of bloody island kicks comedy ass. dats where its at

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