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August 09, 2007


movie scary

ride sally ride

suspense horror

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Hey... she's more than buttercup!! E G Daily was also the voice of Tommy Pickles in the rugrats. She is a notable singer and actress... and most importantly... SHE WAS DOT IN PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE!!! As for this mobvie, it stunk, but not because of EG... just because:)

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Sorry for the total lack of updates on the blog, but life has caught up with me it seems. Spending all of our time decorating and fixing the new house, combined with work and two kids leaves little to no time to blog. It's all work, travel, work, eat and sleep, no time to play.

Working shifts again has seriously affected the plans we had made for the new house, and as such we've changed things around and adapted to the situation as well as possible.

I sure hope it'll all become more manageable at the start of April, though I don't really expect it to do so just yet. Could we ask for some peace and quiet in May maybe?

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I think the unremarked aspect of this whole business is the involvement of Bill Kristol. It's easy to dismiss Cheney as a nutball, but Kristol is, I gather, a respected figure on the right, and his magazine is regarded by conservatives as a reputable, serious, publication.


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Adam Moody

So they have Tommy Pickles playing the lead role in a role? I remember that EG Daily had a cameo in The Devil’s Rejects. I know that Fangoria frightfest is bringing out 2 or 3 films different haunted houses that will top this film in a second.

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Just found this blog, and what should be on the front page but a review of the DVD for a movie I'm currently watching on Chiller! So far as I've seen (with 20 minutes left to go), I'd have to say I agree with this review. The movie could have been better if they'd expanded on plot.

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Mr G

Haha this film sounds so bizarre, good horror movies to check out are some of the ones blockbuster is releasing this Friday though, definitely worth checking out

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hi there!

I really love horror movies :)

zombies, monsters, ghosts...everything!

especially now that haloween nearing :)

hope to read more of your posts!


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Where the girls are just to die for! And since the movie can be found on the main shelves and not in a back room somewhere, you know that they mean that literally. From there, we'll get a few killings, some mild cat-and-mouse games, and a couple warmed-over twists.

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But the miracle of life persists, the mysterious germ of growth and renewal that is the seed itself.

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