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November 07, 2007


Gabrielle Faust

Excellent blog! I've added a link to your page on the my! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Rowan McTeague

Awesome blog, but aweful Nemec! What is that dude thinking?! Not about this cool new horror comp. I saw on the Tube methinks:

Joseph romasco

Hello id like to join i have lots of dreams i can put in to a horror movie.Horror is my fav i download 4 move at least a week and will most def write up some reviews for help with making a f n hot box office hit. $$$$$$ and say my name in the production credits
Idea #1 THE beach house + zombies from a sunk ship (maby the Bermuda Triangle has move around the glob and settled over this area of our movies beach causing every form of supernatural thing to happen.

#2 Taste for 100 Deaths ( so I figure if there are one hundred of the most goriest death and disembowling scenes) in a 2 an a 3 hr movie It has to be a very fast paced movie


hi there!

I really love horror movies :)

zombies, monsters, ghosts...everything!

especially now that haloween nearing :)

hope to read more of your posts!



Oddly enough, I loved this movie.

mike brown

ball women

Cannibal Man

If you want to watch a superior nurse massacre movie, check out the exploitation flick Naked Massacre aka Born For Hell from 1972. Modern horror just can't beat the classics. Here is the imdb link for those interested:

movie scary

You just have to love it!!!!

movie scary

this is a great collection of information for people.

scary clips

Couldn't have said that better. Great post!

upcoming horror movies

I really enjoy your blog and hope that you continue to keep it fresh with content and new material.
Great post, keep up the good work!

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Great blog...

Frankenstein Labs

Wow, I found your post to be both entertaining and informative. Keep upi the good work.

Gory Films

Nice blog. I love horror movies! Keep posting and I will continue reading your post! Thanks!

Danny doom

Saw VI was awesome and totally redeemed itself from sawV

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hi there!

I really love horror movies :)

zombies, monsters, ghosts...everything!

especially now that haloween nearing :)

hope to read more of your posts!


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Good Article

Movies Reviewed

What his run on SG1 didn't wipe Corey's history? I rather like him.

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